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The Historic Town of Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock Vermont

Woodstock is a typical, quaint Vermont town with historical brick homes, a covered bridge, village green and a small “downtown USA” main street. It’s one of those places where tourists and locals alike plan for a short getaway from the daily grind. It’s always fun to explore the small shops, art galleries, country stores and grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants.

Everything is within walking distance. You can park by the village green and stroll across the covered bridge. The Woodstock Inn & Resort is located next to the village green and would be an excellent setting for those seeking a wedding in Vermont. Whenever we have visitors from out of state (or out of country), Woodstock is always one of the places they are thrilled to see and experience.

woodstock covered bridge

While visiting Woodstock last year, we tried Bentley’s Restaurant for lunch and it was very good. Visit the country store and check out the famous winter scene of the sleigh passing by the village green on a snowy day. Apparently the photo was taken almost by mistake as the photographer was finishing up for the day and just happened to take a quick shot of the sleigh as it passed by.

Was a vampire’s heart burned on the Woodstock village green?

Maybe. There is a well known legend that suggests that in 1834 the eldest son of the Corwin family of Woodstock, VT died from a mysterious wasting disease.

When another son became ill, townspeople of Woodstock advised the Corwins to take precautions against a vampire. The eldest brother was disinterred from the Cushing Cemetery and burned. His ashes were buried in an iron container beneath the Woodstock village green. However, this may all be typical New England folklore as the town register does not contain any records about a Corwin family who were born or died, held land plots, etc. in the Woodstock community.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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