November 27, 2022
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Haunted Vermont, Folklore & much more…

Dutton House

Is Vermont haunted? Do ghosts and unexplained phenomena truly wander the Green Mountains of Vermont?

The intriguing stories of people, places and things that create the mystery of haunted Vermont continue. Everything potentially haunted in Vermont continue to amaze and fascinate even the most hardened skeptics. Whether true or not, it seems there is nothing quite as fun as a well spun story about ghosts, monsters and haunted houses in the Green Mountain state of Vermont.

Vermont’s haunted history continues to abound and entice people all around the world with intriguing stories of days gone by and fascinating tales that are almost too tempting to pass by.

In this article, you will discover 13 locations within Vermont that are reported to be haunted or will leave you feeling that perhaps they could be. Please be aware that some of these places are private property and should be respected as such.

Haunted Vermont and Cursed

These Vermont locations are reputed to be cursed and possibly haunted.