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Magic of “Time Travel” a Woodstock Vermont Sleigh Ride

Time Travel Woodstock VT Sleigh Ride

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One of the most beautiful, Vermont Winter scenes ever captured to film, happened almost by accident

Charles “Skip” Wright was taking photos of the Woodstock Inn on a snowy winter day, in February 1983, when he noticed an awe inspiring scene just across the road, on the other side of the Woodstock Green. Thankfully, Charles was always prepared and save a shot or two on his film just in case something caught his attention at the end of a day’s photography sessions.

With only one exposure left in the camera, Charles quickly took advantage of taking a photo of this classic, Winter scene.

Fortunately, telephone poles, utility lines, etc. were not visible in the photo as they were buried underground. Also, this photo predates the parking meters which now line the Woodstock Green. Also, the white classic, colonial style home on the left is now yellow, should you visit the town these days.

Madeline Pennoyer, the lady riding in the sleigh, was a long-time resident of Woodstock. She was driving her Morgan mare Dawndale, during the 32″ snowstorm. Famous for establishing the Vermont Morgan horses, Justin Morgan, after falling ill, stabled his young Morgan stallion several blocks from this iconic location, upon his return from Massachusetts.

The iconic, 139 foot long, Woodstock Middle Bridge was the first public covered bridge built by the State of Vermont since 1889. It was built by Milton Graton in July, 1969. The bridge was constructed using traditional methods and materials, including wooden pegs instead of nails. It was the replacement for an 1877 iron bridge that was condemned in 1966. The bridge was partially burned by arsonists on May 11, 1974, with restoration completed in 1976.

The white, (now yellow), colonial style house on the left was originally the site of a medical school more than 150 years ago.

Many thanks to Jeffrey at Unicorn in Woodstock for permission to use the photo and the history behind the Time Travel photo. Lithographs of this photograph are available for sale, signed and numbered. They are available for sale at Unicorn (a Vermont store that’s been in business for 40 years), owned by Jeffrey Kahn, at 15 Central Street, Woodstock, VT 05091 at 1-802-457-2480. You can contact Unicorn via their website or Facebook page for more info.

Unicorn Woodstock Vermont

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