February 8, 2023
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Get Rich by Panning for Gold in Vermont!

Let’s get rich panning for gold in Vermont!

As the saying goes, “there’s gold in them thar hills!“, but that was mainly out West. What many people do not know is that people have been prospecting for gold in Vermont for years. Although the yield from prospecting for gold in Vermont is relatively low, the best bet for a gold prospector is in the general areas around Plymouth and Bridgewater, VT. (Ottauquechee River) where lode deposits have supplied gold to many of the nearby waters in the area.

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Natural Vermont gold of the highest purity

A surprising fact about gold from the Plymouth and Bridgewater area, is that it assays as some of the purist natural gold in the world, near 23.5 karats. This is a higher figure than nearly all of the famous gold regions in the United States. Most gold nuggets assay in the range of 18k to 20k. Finding gold in VT, can be difficult but there are prospectors who have indeed been successful in finding gold larger than merely flakes and nuggets in the Green Mountains.

Ok, I’ve got my gear. Where do I find the gold???

Get your gear and head for the White River! The winding stretch along Highway 107 between Gaysville and Bethel is a known gold producing spot. Creeks and streams around Shady Rill are known to contain small traces of gold. It is located just west of the Wrightsville Dam; seek out the Herrick, Martins, and Patterson Brooks in the area. This region is just a few miles north of Montpelier, VT.

Other places to seek out and prospect for gold include Mad River in Warren, Minister Brook near the town of Worcester, Rock River near Williamsville and West River. Gold has also been found in the Black River in Windsor County. The Missisquoi River may also yield some gold delights around the towns of Troy and Lowell. They say that Stowe is a “gold town” and that could be literally true! Gold has been found in the Little River and in Gold Brook, which really lives up to it’s name!

There you go. Now that you have the secret to getting rich in Vermont, let the prospecting begin! Just remember to sprinkle a few nuggets my way if this helps you along the path to becoming a gold baron in Vermont.

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