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The Legendary Ethan Allen – Mystery of Where is he Buried?

Flickr - USCapitol - Ethan Allen Statue
Ethan Allen Statue – Washington DC

Ethan Allen’s life exhibited traits of fierce independence and generated strong debate in the history books. Allen was no military genius, but perhaps, a loud-mouthed braggart.

He was also said to be a steadfast patriot who apparently did not know the meaning of fear.

George Washington would write of Allen, “There is an original something about him that commands attention.”

On May 10, 1775, Ethan Allen accompanied by Benedict Arnold, led the Green Mountain Boys to capture Fort Ticonderoga on the New York side of Lake Champlain.

But where is this legendary figure now? It is known that he died on February 12, 1789, two years before Vermont was admitted into the Union. There are those who believe that his body rests under the eight-foot statue and the 35-foot granite column at Green Mount Cemetery in Burlington, VT.

The monument actually quite easy to find…

It is the tallest and most prominent monument in the state of Vermont. The whole structure rests solidly upon a huge foundation of impressive stone work. However, errors in the cemetery records indicate that Allen could possibly be buried 40 feet away from the site first identified as his grave.

We seemed to have misplaced a hero

Archaeologists reportedly excavated the area around Allen’s grave, based upon the cemetery plot map and were not successful in finding anything at all. Many theories from grave robbers to a secret burial elsewhere are merely random speculation.

Ultimately, the truth is nobody really knows, for certain, where Ethan Allen is buried.

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