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The Fascinating Stories at Vermont Cemeteries


Every Vermont cemetery or graveyard is different and unique in their special way.

There are stories to be told of days and lives long past, yet the words on some of the monuments leave behind intriguing and thought provoking images within the mind’s eye. From tiny stones to huge monuments, there are plenty of historical quips, quotes and a taste of personal history to be pondered about.

A walk through an old Vermont cemetery can be a peaceful and even educational experience.

It would seem that our forefathers and their early descendants had much more time on their hands than we do now in the modern years. Here is the epitaph written on a stone in Halifax, VT., from the 1700s:

Mr. John Pannel killed by a tree
In seventeen hundred and seventy three
When his father did come
He said Oh My Son
Your glass is run
Your work is done.

Many people enjoy the calming stroll through cemeteries in Vermont, pausing to read the history behind the graves of those who have passed away many years ago.

In past generations, it truly seemed that people had much more time to to ponder their lives and leave behind stories on their grave markers as a last thought or testimonial to their all to brief existence on Earth.

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