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The Totally Creepy Story of the Vermont Pigman

Vermont Pigman

Does a mysterious “pigman” still terrorize people in a small, Vermont town?

In 1971, a farmer in Northfield, Vt. went to investigate some strange noises coming from his backyard one night. He turned on his outside light and peered out the kitchen window, expecting to see a raccoon or plump squirrel sifting through his garbage. Instead he met the gaze of a man-sized figure lurking along the edges of the yellow light. His body was covered in white hair and he had the facial features of a pig.

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A few seconds later the being darted back into the shadows. A few days passed before the Pigman was spotted again, this time by a group of students outside of the high school during a dance. Reports are vague as to who ran away faster – the students or the creature – but both quickly left the scene.

Is the “Vermont Pigman” simply a local story that became a legend?

Since these initial sightings, the Pigman has become a sort of “rural legend” in Northfield, and more than one nighttime traveler has claimed he encountered the Pigman while driving his car along a deserted country road, the hairy white beast narrowly missing the front-end of the vehicle.

Vermont Pigman

The “Pigman” of Northfield, Vermont is a legend that has been passed down through the years in the town of Northfield. According to the legend, the Pigman was a humanoid creature that was half-man and half-pig, and was said to roam the woods and fields of Northfield.

The legend of the Pigman is often told as a cautionary tale to young children, warning them not to wander off into the woods alone. Some versions of the story say that the Pigman would kidnap or harm anyone who crossed his path, while others claim that he was simply a mischievous and playful creature.

Separating Fact from Fiction in this Urban Legend

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of the Pigman, and it is likely that the legend is simply a local folklore or legend that has been passed down through the years. As with any legend or folklore, it is important to remember that these stories are not necessarily based on fact, and should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Sightings of the “Pigman” continue to this very day. In 2015, a television series called Monsters and Mysteries in America featured the infamous Pigman of Northfield, VT, with comments by Chad Abramovich of ObscureVermont.

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