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Haunted Vermont, Folklore & much more…

Vermont Haunted History: Vermont Ghost Stories, Folklore, Myths, Curses and Legends

Vermont Haunted History: Vermont Ghost Stories, Folklore, Myths, Curses and Legends

Vermont Haunted History

Don’t you just love a good ghost story? A Vermont Haunted History is brimming with a collection of Vermont ghost stories, haunted locations and mysterious people and places. Just the type of reading you will want to indulge in on a dark, rainy evening. Vermont is famous for maple syrup and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream but perhaps it’s best kept secret are the delightfully creepy ghost stories and legends that have been passed down by generations of Vermont families.

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Within the pages of this book, should you dare, you will find frightening tales of vengeful spirits and abandoned places. Discover why some of the 19th century curses still exist today and what happened to some of the victims. You will marvel at the amazing burial places, mausoleums and monuments, including the story of one man’s elaborate tomb specially constructed should he suddenly awaken and find himself buried alive!

Vermont has a number of haunted inns and hotels including one benevolent, tap dancing spirit and others that refuse to leave. The story of “Black Agnes” comes with a twist, you simply won’t expect. All of this including a companion website with tons of photos and video that accompany these chilling tales. Enjoy, if you dare!

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Available in both Kindle and printed editions on Amazon.

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