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The Curious Case of the Vermont 251 Club

Dr. Arthur W. Peach

The 251 Club was first suggested by Dr. Arthur W. Peach in the Summer 1954 issue of Vermont Life Magazine. A poet, professor, writer, and historian, effusive about all things Vermont, Dr. Peach was welcomed to the magazine’s advisory board in its third issue (1947).

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A Journey of Perseverance, Exploration, and Good Will

Friends and fellow travelers, lend me your ears and spare me but a few moments of your time, as I spin a yarn of a curious and noble society – the Vermont 251 Club. This tale is one of adventure, camaraderie, and a love for the land that only a true Vermonter can appreciate. So, pull up a chair and settle in, for the story of the Vermont 251 Club is one that should be savored, much like the maple syrup that flows so sweetly from the trees of this land.

Lake Champlain Islands South Hero

A lover of all things Vermont

In the year of our Lord 1954, Arthur Peach – a fine gentleman, an educator, and a lover of all things Vermont – was struck by a notion so grand and so captivating, that he felt compelled to share it with the world. The state of Vermont, you see, is a patchwork of small towns and villages, each with its own unique charm and character. Mr. Peach, in his wisdom, proposed a challenge to his fellow Vermonters: to explore and visit each and every one of the 251 towns and cities that make up this fair state.

And so, the Vermont 251 Club was born, with a mission to inspire and encourage wanderlust, to foster a sense of community, and to broaden the horizons of those who call the Green Mountain State their home. It was a call to arms for the intrepid souls who yearned for a taste of the unknown, to traverse the winding roads and rolling hills of Vermont, and to document their experiences as they went.

The Club gained a following as fervent as the autumn foliage that colors the Vermont landscape, and soon, folks from all corners of the state were setting out on their own journeys of discovery. In their travels, these bold adventurers encountered the picturesque villages, quaint general stores, and warm-hearted people that give Vermont its inimitable charm.

As the years rolled by, the Vermont 251 Club grew not only in membership but also in purpose. It became a beacon of unity, bridging the gap between the humble townsfolk and the bustling city-dwellers. It fostered a spirit of goodwill and a shared sense of pride in the history, culture, and natural beauty of Vermont.

The Vermont 251 Club Human Connection

Today, the Vermont 251 Club stands as a testament to the power of curiosity and human connection. Its members are a diverse and enthusiastic lot, bound together by their love for the Green Mountain State and their desire to explore its every nook and cranny. They gather annually to share their stories, to rejoice in their accomplishments, and to form friendships that will last a lifetime.


So, dear reader, as you ponder the Vermont 251 Club and its noble origins, perhaps you too will feel the call to adventure. Perhaps you will be inspired to set out on your own journey, to seek out the hidden gems that lie within the borders of this great state. And perhaps, as you wander the verdant hills and valleys of Vermont, you will come to understand what it truly means to be a member of the Vermont 251 Club: a lover of the land, a seeker of knowledge, and a believer in the power of human connection.

So, head on over to their website and enjoy some of the stories told by their members. Check out news and events and of course if you’re so inclined, get yourself a membership.

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