March 29, 2023
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Top Ten Reasons Why Burlington is NOT Vermont

Weird Church St Burlington
  1. There aren’t many real, native Vermonters living there.
  2. People from the Northeast Kingdom vacation “way down” in Burlington.
  3. Ethan Allen’s monument is here but he was a flatlander.
  4. Because Phish’s last concert was in Coventry.
  5. There are no holsteins or chainsaws anywhere to be seen.
  6. People from Burlington think the “Logger” is what a real Vermonter would be like.
  7. Burlington folk drink pricy bottled water. Real Vermonters get there’s free…from the tap!
  8. The Queen City has the highest per capita weirdo count in the state.
  9. No real Vermont town would vote for a mayor that wants to turn their town into a sanctuary for criminals.
  10. McDonald’s closed and left downtown Burlington. McDonalds never leaves anywhere (except Stowe, which ain’t really Vermont either!).
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