February 9, 2023
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Chartered by Governor Benning Wentworth on June 8, 1763, Milton grew to around 300 people in 1795. As of 2013, there are probably around 9500 people who call Milton home. These days, Milton is probably best described as a “bedroom community” as many of it’s residents work in and around the Burlington area. A small number of restaurants, banks and drug stores have been built over the past 20 years, adding to conveniences for the town’s inhabitants. A brand new, much anticipated Hannaford’s opened in the fall of 2013.

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The town of Milton was probably best known for it’s Catamount International Speedway that operated between 1965 and 1987. The nearby Milton drag strip was also a popular draw for local car racing buffs and made Milton a popular place all over the State of Vermont. Another distinction that Milton was also known for was having the one of the largest automotive “junkyard” of parts in the area. That land has since been cleared and now consists of a large field and a building containing a Sears store and a couple small shops. The last remaining vestiges of Milton’s famous racing days are probably the automotive repair shops which are still in abundance.

Milton is more of a traditional style Vermont town than most in the Burlington area. Consisting mostly of blue collar folks, the town has a laid back nature all of it’s own. Though the addition of a new Hannafords was much needed, locals yearn for more shopping outlets, perhaps a movie theater and more recreational resources. On a late Sunday afternoon, there is a steady stream of traffic coming back to Milton from the Burlington area. It would be beneficial to businesses in Milton to have a variety of things to keep people in town and busy on the weekends.