May 26, 2023
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Huntington Gorge – Swimming Hole of Death

Huntington Gorge

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Huntington Gorge is beautiful, captivating and potentially deadly for those who are careless

Thousands of people head to the Huntington River Gorge every summer. But many lives have been lost in one popular spot and its frightening death toll has continued to climb over the last half-century.

A sign at the falls indicates the tragic fates of 22 visitors since 1950. With some common sense, and some careful scouting, visitors can bypass the obvious dangers at the gorge, and enjoy the popular swimming holes and marvel at the gorge and falls. Huntington Gorge is has developed a reputation as a killer. It is estimated that over forty people have drowned in the Gorge. Deadly as it may be, it is a beautiful place and just requires a bit of caution and common sense.


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