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Haunted Vermont Ghost Hunters Notebook and Journal Available Now

Haunted Vermont Ghost Hunters Notebook and Journal: Paranormal Investigation, Haunted House Journal and Exploration Tools Planner

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Haunted Vermont Ghost Hunters Notebook and Journal

This ghost hunter’s journal and logbook is the perfect gift for both amateur and professionals conducting research into the paranormal. This handy 8.5 x 11 book contains over 100 pages of entries for such research items such as:

  • Investigation dates and times
  • Location and events that have been known to occur
  • Biographical section for each location visited
  • Suspected entity information and events
  • Recording of “cold spot” data and other observations
  • Equipment used during the paranormal investigation
  • Blank pages for broad notes, inserting photos, etc.

Whether you’re simply curious about ghosts, haunted places or those who have passed away this is a fun way to explore and document “the other side”. If you’re a serious paranormal researcher this journal planner is a must for every location investigated. Get it now at Amazon!

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