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David Gilmour – Radio City Music Hall

Got to see half of Pink Floyd (in the form of David Gilmour and Richard Wright) and a spectacular laser show at Radio City Music Hall in NYC on 4/4/06. Flew down to JFK just hours before the last snowstorm in northern Vermont to a nice sunny day in Manhattan. Quite a treat and the side trip to Ferraro’s in Little Italy for cannolis wasn’t too shabby either!

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As for the concert (the first of just a few in the USA) things got off to a rocky start. Apparently a group of overzealous fans waited at JFK for Gilmour and his entourage to arrive and hounded him and other band members for autographs. They were traveling with their families and I guess the kids got a bit scared. One of them was assaulted by a “fan”. Nice welcome huh?

As for the concert itself, I was pretty lucky considering what most people went through. I had a second row ticket and was able to stand at the edge of the stage where most people were fairly well behaved except for one or two morons. Up in the mezzanine and other seats, there were a few fights, drunks and people smoking dope. Listening to a bootleg from this show, it’s pretty apparent that the NYC vocabulary is limited to “F*** You!” this and that for just about all occasions. Pretty sad. I’ll never understand why some people will pay big bucks for concert tickets only to attend and act like boorish idiots at every opportunity. I think next time I’ll skip New York though and head for a more civilized city where people actually go to a concert to enjoy it not make asses of themselves. If you want to read more about the infamous opening night in New York City, read the blog at

So much for the crowd festivities! The concert itself was absolutely spectacular. The first half was David Gimlour’s new album (the whole thing with special guests Dave Crosby and Graham Nash). The second half was all Pink Floyd with lasers, fog and sonic perfection. Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to and well worth the trip. Oh yeah, I know people in NYC are supposed to rude, etc. but everyone we met at hotels, restaurants, etc. were very nice. Must be all the bad ones found their way into the concert. Below, you’ll find a couple clips of the April 5th show at Radio City.

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