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A Vermont Wedding that Went Bad – Really Bad!

A Vermont wedding for most people is a blissful and happy event..

People come from all around the United States to get married in Vermont. Picket fences, white steeple churches, doves, romantic music and all the other wondrous ingredients that make  a Vermont wedding special. Apparently, back in 1891, this married Vermont couple didn’t realize just how blissful there marriage should have been…

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As reported in the November, 18, 1891 Rutland Daily Herald: “Maxim Ramo, who was arrested Monday for assaulting his wife, was tried before Judge Butler yesterday. Ramo told a sorrowful tale of domestic unhappiness and it was evident that he regarded marriage a failure. 

He said that his wife had tried to shoot him and had also tried to get rid of him by giving him fly powder.  He had also done his part towards getting himself out of the way, for he had tried to hang himself but the rope broke.  Mrs. Ramo then told her story and it was supported by several witnesses.  The Judge fined Ramo $13.51 and “gave him some good advice.”

Whether he followed that advice or not is unknown.

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